Saturday, November 19, 2011

Watching Seasonal Patterns

Project: Tiger Hill Permaculture

Posted by Paul Kean about 17 hours ago

Observations at Tiger Hill during November 2011

Swifts are building their nests and Kookaburras are teaching their young to hunt.Apples and Plums have set.I hope I can beat the Possums to the harvest.Lupins,Hairy Vetch,Clover and silver wattle are in flower here at Tiger Hill.The Gourse in the area is also flowering and such a beautiful sight.Apitty it is such a problem for some farmers.Hope to be around to gather seed this season.Red Currents and Rasberries are setting and a hardy old Rhubarb is still kick'n.

Some good sunny days in between scattered showers.I like the rain,its soaking in and keeping the dams full.Need to start being mindful of the warm weather and active snakes.Plenty of places for them to hide here

Bumble Bees are everywhere but a non presence of honey bees.I'm sure they are here,just haven't seen too many.The grasses around the house are rampent with the rainfall I'm getting.Good thing though cause then I have a great source for composting.

New lambs are about two months old now and shearing season is apon us here in Buckland Tasmania.

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