Saturday, September 26, 2009

Intro to Permaculture Course in India

Hi to all,

below is an invite to those wanting training in Permaculture in India being facilitated by a colleague, Rico Zook.Please check the attachment to this post for the course flyer.Contact can be made directly to Ameli and her details are below.



Hello fellow Earth lovers,

I am happy to invite you to a hands on residential permaculture workshop in Mysore October 2-4 and on to Punarvasu (near Udupi) October 5-9th. Those of you not familiar with permaculture philosophy it is a sustainable design system for zero waste organic living.

During the three day course in Mysore you will learn all the basics of permaculture philosophy and get hands on experience with regenerating tropical soil, roof top garden beds, grey water re-use systems, vermi compost box and other fun urban greening projects.

I hope you can join us. After the Mysore workshop the facilitators will continue on to an organic farm, Punarvasu where they have been implementing permaculture design for the last three years. They will be checking their progress and implementing some of the larger permaculture concepts like water management, inter cropping of farm lands, etc.

Interested attendees should register themselves before September 15th. Flyer is attached, please pass the word around to your eco minded friends!

Hope you will join us!


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Dream Surfing Art Festival said...

Hi Ringo,

Hope everything is going well and you enjoyed the Buddha Smiles Site. I would like to invite you to stay with us in Auroville in October/November to map our land.

Please let us know if this is a possibility by emailing

Many Thanks,

Kate and Snehal from Kofi Bar, Auroville